Sunday, November 22, 2009

How I Met My Mother

Today me and mommy dearest went to Meijers for our semi-regular grocery excursion and we get to the checkout line and she informs me that I am now paying for all of my groceries. I wouldn't have been so extremely offended except for the fact that she has no problem doling out $$ to pay for the rest of my siblings and there extra-large sized appetites. However, because I choose to take an active role in my eating consumation I am fiscally punished. Let's keep in mind that everyone in my household that settles solely for what is put in front of them with0ut lifting a finger to help anywhere down the line (shopping, preparing, etc) is overweight! Plus, there's the fact that she could have purchased my groceries with less than 1 hour of her daily income, whereas it took me 5 hours of work to pay for mine..