Thursday, January 12, 2012

Support The Arts: "Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday"

Yes, I have found yet another opportunity for you to support artistic endeavors!

The short film, Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday, is filming this January/February in Atlanta, Georgia and they are looking for some financial support to cover odds and ends on set.  This includes, but is not limited to, craft services (which is a highly overlooked department until you are actually on a film set..and hungry), costumes, crew costs, and miscellaneous expenses. 

You can make a donation to the project through the fundraising page set up at IndieGoGo -

Deadpool - A Typical Tuesday - IndieGoGo Fundraiser

I've read the script and it is well-written, original, and hilarious!  This project is being directed by the extravagantly talented Keith Brooks, which he co-wrote with the equally incredible, Trevor Garner.  The two are working on several other projects together, including a pilot aimed at Comedy Central.  Trevor is also starring as the title character, Deadpool, and serving as Action Director.

Whether you're a fan of the Deadpool comic books or not (which I sadly am not), or maybe you just like the idea that Ryan Reynolds has played the character (which I gladly do), you will be able to enjoy the comedic approach that the writers have taken with this concept. The fan fiction genre is one that is quite impressive and has become its own subculture phenomenon.

Taking on a project like this is incredibly ambitious and takes serious dedication. Everyone involved in the film has already put in a generous amount of time, money, and effort to make it possible.

Some of the extraordinary people involved besides the directors themselves -

Behind the scenes: Steven K. Greer (A.D.), Wes Eastin (D.P.), Gillian Gussack (costume designer), Sule Welch (fight choreographer), James Farlow (Editor), Theo Miller (Sound)

In front of the camera: Secret Harris, Anthony McHie, Jay Peterson, with a special guest appearance of the stunt variety from Ace Harney of Doobious.Org.

Check out this promo video with director Keith Brooks where he talks premise and provides you with an extended explanation of how your contributions will be used. If anything, this hilarious clip is worth a small donation!

Once again, you can make a donation (any amount is accepted!) and join in on the fun at IndieGoGo - Click the image below!

Good luck guys! I can't wait to see the finished project!

And, for your viewing pleasure, an extended ad campaign promo video!