Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Person of the Moment: Keith Brooks

I've had the opportunity over the last several months to meet an insane amount of incredible people.  I can't say any one of them stood out over the rest, because they were all amazingly talented and interesting in their own way.  However, that being said, one of them worth noting is actor/comedian/writer/director/jack-of-all-trades Keith Brooks.  If you've ever met Keith, then you already know this fact, he is definitely not someone you can forget easily.  And not just because he has the skills to Austin Powers mojo-seduce you over a bowl of practically stale nachos.

Keith brings out the best in people.

The first time I met Keith, I was hanging out in Gary, Indiana.  It was his second day there, and he had just returned to the production house from a very productive day.  He had scored a date with a very fertile women who took him, along with her church group, to a baseball game (Go Gary Railcats!).  I repeat, his second day there.  As always I hit him with a line of questioning that would have made many grown men sweat.  However, he was a good sport about it, and let my faux-interview proceed.  It was through this experience that I came to understand why any women would suffer from insta-attraction to this charmer.

A month later, I had the pleasure of interviewing him for my grad school project at the lovely Majestic Diner in Atlanta, Georgia.  My favorite part was hearing his epic stories which make for an entertaining time all around.  If you ever meet him, take a seat (or stand, if you prefer) and ask him to tell you the saga of Dr. Wesley Snipes - you won't be disappointed (unless you forget).  

Besides being a talented actor, he writes, produces, and directs.  He is also a philanthropist; this month he performed at an autism benefit.  And he writes rap songs.

With so much talent, there is sure to be a long and successful road ahead for this young actor. 

If laughter is medicine, then Keith Brooks is the cure.