Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 77 and Honey, This is Not Heaven

I was forced to enter a store yesterday to shop for someone else.

I'm pretty sure the largest part of my success in this shopping ban is due to my avoidance of situations that may cause me the urge of opening up my wallet.  I've never been a window shopper and this is not the time to start.  Before I made it to the baby section (shopping for a baby shower gift), I passed by the dress section.  I tried to peruse, but it all became too much and I was taken by the immense selection of lovely colors and fabrics.  Fortunately, I willed myself away just in time before I loaded myself on dresses for every occasion.

Oh, how I miss the high that shopping gives me..fa la la.  How do people find zen outside of the retail experience??

Still no word on a willing participant in the quest for a sponsor.

Singing "I'm half way there, I'm half way there!" [Lifehouse]

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Applying a Notion

I just read the line "Why don't we just spell the word raspberry like razberry?" in a reply e-mail.  I'm pretty sure it's a good sign. 

This semester (as you may already be aware, and if not, you are now) I have been forced into taking the course "History of the English Language," which is less of a history lesson and more of a lesson in learning a new language with strange symbols and hard to pronounce vocabulary words. 

How does this relate to that sentence? ::taps foot::

Well lucky for you, I will now indulge you in a things-you-never-knew-and-will-probably-never-need-to lesson.  The word "razberry" is actually eye dialect.  I'd like to follow that up with an explanation, but unfortunately I haven't retained that information yet (which again, is lucky for you because my guess is that this is where you stop reading). 

Tada!  It's like a magic trick -- until next time.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Out, Brooklyn

I've always liked the idea of a relaxing vacation, but in reality I am a restless soul.  I get bored easily.  By Day 1 1/2, I am ready to rejoin the real world..or at least do something productive.  I know that getting a tan may seem like a productive use of time, however, I've never been one to just want to lay on beach for endless days doing diddly squat.  There was a summer in college where I spent at least an hour at the pool almost every day soaking up those harmful UV rays, and being that tan made me enormously happy.  But the reality is that most of those days I had to force myself not to get up and go as I mentally ran through my list of "Things To Do.." that was sitting on the kitchen counter.

On the other hand, I fully support the concept of procrastination.  I strongly believe that a healthy amount of procrastinating in one's life is perfectly acceptable.  It is those moments of relaxation that I get the most out of.  It is also in that time that I google search for more contests to enter, which #winning makes me sublimely happy [winning like in actual winning, not in Charlie Sheen's sense of the word, which equates to losing].

Monday, March 7, 2011

Full-Length Mirror

I've finally completed my first potential article.  A dozen or so edits, 7 reviewers, 2 meetings with the chair of Valparaiso University's English Dept. and I'm here.

Where is here exactly?

I'm not completely sure.  Somewhere between the moment where my dreams come true and absolutely nothing more than walking on hope.  The reality of the situation is that I'm sitting on a piece of writing that could be the difference between me being a no one and me being a no one plus one published article.  Before you start with the smallest violin joke, let me assure you that I am not questioning myself; I am not saying "no one" like I'm some sort of non-existent entity.  I'm a force (at least in my head), I have a head full of relevant and not-so-relevant thoughts, and I consider myself a good person to keep around (and not just because you have an above average chance of going on a free vacation courtesy of my "luck").

I think this is one of those moments that people refer to as: "a defining moment."  When I look in the mirror, I see the woman I want to be, the woman that I will be.

I'm waiting to hear back from a particular magazine about there policies on submitting unsolicited articles, and until that time (or the time I e-mail them again tomorrow) I am basking in the fact that I feel as fearless as the girl who looked back at me in the mirror so many years ago, the girl who knew who I could be.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bashful Frill

Every month of my shopping leave of absence, the "rules" [see Without Values, What's Left?] allow me to have one splurge purchase.  Just a little something to keep me going, but without the frills that bags and bags of shopping lovelies bring.

I went for these nude frilly peep-toe t-strap pumps by GUESS.

Photobucket Photobucket

Most importantly, these shoes are actually really surprisingly comfortable!  I can't wait for spring to be here full-time so I can enjoy them outside of my bedroom mirror.

56 Mix

Day 56..

Borders bookstore is going out of business and I desperately want to shop for some half off retail price books.  Although, books might not seem to fit in with the whole essence of a shopping hiatus - there is a plentiful amount of the sitting unread on the bookshelf.  Many of which are ARC's and therefore cost me nothing.  If you are unaware of what an ARC is, they are Advanced Reader Copies, and I manage to be on the right internet sites at the right time and have had the pleasure of being rewarded with several.  I love to read, but until I finish the ones sitting in wait I have to argue that it goes against the intent of my giving up shopping.  I am not going to learn the value of the dollar (and more selfishly save up for a brand new car!) if I give myself loopholes.