Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 77 and Honey, This is Not Heaven

I was forced to enter a store yesterday to shop for someone else.

I'm pretty sure the largest part of my success in this shopping ban is due to my avoidance of situations that may cause me the urge of opening up my wallet.  I've never been a window shopper and this is not the time to start.  Before I made it to the baby section (shopping for a baby shower gift), I passed by the dress section.  I tried to peruse, but it all became too much and I was taken by the immense selection of lovely colors and fabrics.  Fortunately, I willed myself away just in time before I loaded myself on dresses for every occasion.

Oh, how I miss the high that shopping gives me..fa la la.  How do people find zen outside of the retail experience??

Still no word on a willing participant in the quest for a sponsor.

Singing "I'm half way there, I'm half way there!" [Lifehouse]