Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When Life Happens, and You Don't..

It's inevitable that there will be moments in life when comparatively you will be in a proverbial holding pattern.  Everyone around you will appear to be moving on, and you - you are stuck.  This happens a lot when people decide to go to back to school instead of focusing on their career or romantic life.  It is possible for you to do all three at once, but more than likely not.

Why is that? 

Well, most people tend to suffer from tunnel-vision, and although as Americans are trained to multi-task (I'm sure there are other countries with similar tendencies, but I can't speak for them) we don't tend to do it proficiently on a larger scale.

The problem with being in a holding pattern is you start to think that the successes of others indicate a failure on your own part.  No, you didn't get that exciting new job.  No, you didn't get engaged.  No, you didn't buy a new house/car.

You have effectively put these things on hold so that you can accomplish the "grunt work."  This endeavor however prominent it may be, presents emotional hurtles.  The idea of being stuck does not exactly scream positive connotation.  You work and work and work, and as soon as you finish -  a new semester starts, and everything goes back to square one.  It often feels like you're moving ahead at a snail's pace.   

Perhaps the most difficult part is the feeling in your stomach when you know you should be overwhelmed for the joys of others, but feel like when you say it out loud, it seems like you're just pretending - like you're just following the script of social pleasantries.

Stay Strong.  Life will move on..eventually.