Thursday, April 28, 2011

Changing Time

Today at work, while discussing my love life - a subject the older women can't get enough of  - one of them interjected, "I've never seen a generation more wrapped up in there careers and eduction, and less interested in romance than yours."  This of course was a response to my, "I think it would be nice to have a summer romance."  A notion that they all immediately dismissed as being "old school."  I tried to explain that I am looking at my future and its in a transition point, that my life is a series of "well if this comes to fruition, than I'll take this path, if not I'll go down this road."  There is enough uncertainty in my life without adding the strain that a relationship could add to my already weighted decisions. 

From there perspective, a summer romance in contemporary terms is only a physical thing, that the guy would just assume I'm using him for his money.  How this fits with being future oriented?  No idea!  Finally, I gave up my argument and had to walk away.

This is just an example of how older generations may be more than a little confused by the 20-30s crowd.  The future is important.  Careers, education, success - all things that matter, and maybe more than ever.  That's not saying that traditional relationships have went out of the window, but not everyone is looking for a long term commitment.  It's not exactly as if I am NOT looking for "the real thing," but there are a lot of things up in the air and I don't think there's anything wrong with just wanting someone to spend time with; someone that may or may not be part of that future.  Obviously, you can't control your emotions, at least not completely.  There is a chance that a summer romance can turn into something more, but is it really that offensive of an idea, monotonous casual dating with the understanding that if something professionally or educationally comes up it that might be it? 

Sometimes the best memories are moments that just were what they were, nothing more, nothing less.