Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Day After The Last Day

I have made it 115 Days without shopping, and today, 116 for good measures. 

Out of the four freebies I allotted myself, I used two.  One, a pair of frilly pumps, the other, an Indiana University tank top from the Victoria's Secret PINK collection. 

How do I feel?

Well, today (after suffering from an "I'm fat and none of my clothes look good on me" morning) I decided that I should dump my whole wardrobe and start again.  Probably not the best idea coming off of a 4-month long shopping hiatus.  Plus, I'm not really fat.  Instead, I think the better decision would be to do some laundry..
that's right. I admit it. I DO NOT LIKE TO DO LAUNDRY!  So, it doesn't get done very often..and even though my closet (read: half of my room turned closet) doesn't appear to be missing any items, when my staple pieces are all dirty - it causes me mass panic and thus "I'm fat and none of my clothes look good on me" mornings that result on me barely getting in the door at work on time.

To be honest, I am still in the throws of finals and unfortunately grad school is consuming my life right now.  Therefore, I haven't had much time to contemplate my upcoming shopping celebration(s)..

I'm sure I'll have more of a philosophical response to this experience after Monday night.