Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reaction to Newsweek (May 2, 2011 Edition)

Let me start by saying that I am not a regular Newsweek reader.  Even though my household has a subscription to it, I am more of an occasional reader.  I like to skim through it, read only certain articles, pull nuggets out for conversational purposes.  Rarely do I find an article that I am just enthralled with, even among the many many very good ones, I think I have trouble relating to them.

However, I am not afraid to admit that at 25 I am still a huge fan of the Olsen twins.  When I was scouring the mail and saw them on the cover, I was thrilled.

[side note: it was finals week, thus the delayed reaction] 

After months of the mishaps of Lindsay Lohan seeming to be the only representation of my contemporaries being bandied about news media, the tabloids, and invading my Twitter-feed.  Coming across an article that raised the stakes and turned the tables on what "kids" my age our doing with their lives was a phenomenal moment.  A tinge of me felt like I was the slacker in this situation comparatively, as I'm sure others my age can relate, but ultimately I felt proud that members of my generation are really stepping it up.  The work ethic that the Olsen Twins have is AMAZING!  They go after what they want and are role-models for all generations.  In fact, after reading this article I feel more motivated to pursue my dreams and take risks.

I hope that Newsweek features more young Americans in future articles, the future is today and we are that future. 

**Check out the article, Look, Ma, We're Fashion Moguls! by Robin Givhan (@RobinGivhan)  #importedfromDetroit like me!