Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weathering the Storm

I was thinking about the weather, and how the weather is really a lot like our relationships.  Friendships, and love, and family, are never simple.  No matter how much you want to believe that there's that one person who makes everything seem ok, that it's just so easy to be around, that it feels simple - it's not. there's not.  Relationships are rough, and stormy, and sometimes you feel like you're in the middle of tropical storm Ignacio and sometimes they resemble a perfect day where you can imagine lying on your back on a blanket in the yard staring up at the clouds, making up names for the shapes in the sky.  But it's just that, that's exactly what makes relationships special, that just like the weather, they're unpredictable.

And just like the weather, sometime you don't make it through them; but life moves on.  If it wasn't for the stormy weather and rough patches, you wouldn't know to appreciate the sunshine.  Without one, the other just becomes ordinary, and let's face it, as much as we may wish sometimes that relationships were cookie cutter and there was some guidebook telling us what to say and how much to push and when to walk away (just like we wish the weatherman was better at his/her job), there's not.  Sometimes there aren't any warning of rocky times ahead, they just appear, out of thin air, and rain starts falling on your head.

But the sun always comes out eventually, sometimes you just have to wait for it.