Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lessons Forgotten

The term “big kid” is thrown around a lot to describe adults that are immature, irresponsible.  It’s one of those idioms that has become a more pc way to refer to people that we actually like, without being completely insulting.  But what are we really losing by using the word kid this way.  We are ultimately marginalizing the characteristics of children that are positive, like:

  1. Children are a ball of energy – They are really quite amazing that way.  I can’t remember the last time I had unlimited energy that lasted all day.  Even with the help of caffeine, I’m lucky if I can pretend to be full of energy, and even then it only lasts a max of a few hours.  Yes, sometimes we as adults find burst of energy, but realistically it doesn’t last all that long.  I love men that have energy, kid-like energy.  I think it’s incredibly attractive and I feed off of it. 
  2. Children don’t hold grudges – No one forgets being mad faster than a child.  They really know the meaning of “brush your shoulder off.”  They fall down and get back up and go back to what they were doing before.  This is an excellent quality to have.  I know there are times when it’s a matter of emotional self-defense to keep your distance from someone, or even write them off, but holding a grudge for the sake of holding a grudge is unhealthy.  It causes stress that ultimately hurts you more than the other person.  Kids don’t know anything about that. 
  3. Children are not afraid to cry – In fact, kids will cry anywhere, at anytime, for any reason.  They have absolutely no problem showing their emotions.  They don’t bottle up their feelings until that boil over and cause a big stir, they are honest.  They haven’t learned yet how to lie with their emotions.  Maybe this is what we can learn most from children.  That it’s perfectly acceptable to feel.

I hope one day someone calls me a big kid, and means it in the best way.