Friday, April 13, 2012

Clothing "For"

H&M has followed the Target trend and started offering customers designer lines for less.

It's a remarkable concept when you consider the lust that consumers have for fashion. Designer fashion is usually out of range for the typical shopper [read: broke twenty something-ers]. Consumers have flocked over this type of collaboration - see: contained riots after release of Missoni for Target line - and the bottom line has been generously padded. Notably, some of the items are a bit out there, but mostly they are a great way to own designer duds for a [semi]reasonable price.

Today, I scored a 'Versace for H&M' dress with the original price tag of $149.95 for only $20 on clearance. Versace for $20?! Yes, that's right.
The newest collection H&M is offering ranges from "in the ball park of 10 bucks" to "slightly more than I have dollars on my Debit card not already spoken for" which translates into "on the expensive side for their ordinary customer base" - a 'Conscious' collection. It's less of a collaboration and more of a nod to the eco-friendly movement. The pieces are made using a combination of sustainable materials: organic cotton, hemp, and recycled potyester. 

The collection includes a series of "glamour" gowns [like the one above]. The price tag on this beauty is $299 and I'll take it with or without gift wrapping.

Ooh la la, the lure of affordable [and out of reach] fashion!