Monday, December 7, 2009

Why the average purse snatcher doesn't stand a chance against moi!

Recently Northwest Indiana, specifically the Merrillville area, fell victim to two attempted robberies both involving women, both during daylight hours.  The first in the parking lot of Meijers, resulted in a woman being shot in the back after resisting (currently in critical condition); and the second only hours later, outside of a nearby Menards (perp was easily spooked and fled the scene).  These incidents rattled locals and sparked the ongoing female debate:  do you fight back or just let them have it??

Taking into consideration that most men that try to steal women's purses tend to be inexperienced, desperate, and unarmed (and let's face it, we can probably most likely add pussy to their list of qualifications) - If I was in this situation, and my attacker fell into the aforementioned category, HELL-TO-THE-MOTHER-FUCKING-YES I would fight back! 

The way I see it, I worked incredibly hard for the items in my purse and i'm not giving my money (plastic) away without a fight.  I figure that i'm in pretty good shape from working out so much and have a nasty right hook, I could probably take an average man; with the added advantage that people always underestimate me purely based on my small size and stature (clearly, a mistake on their part) - he wouldn't even see it coming.  Plus, my Detroit upbringing makes me paranoidly aware of my surrounding.  Also, never forget the popular kick-him-in-the-balls option.  

And that is why the average purse snatcher doesn't stand a chance against moi!   

No Success

"And this is as good as it gets" has absolutely replaced "Sí se puede, you can do it!" as the most commonly used catchphrase of my day as my motiviation to hit the gym is wavering.  I blame this on two things:

1) My current financial crunch - which made me put "responsibility" before "vanity" and take an extended leave of absence from my personal trainer. and,

2) The cold weather. How can anyone be motivated to leave the warmth of their abode for a trip to the germ infested alternative??!  I'm just saying..

Instead, today I have spent the majority of my brain cells running through ideas (i.e. delusions) on how to be more career productive.  No success. 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Damn, Girl!

Does any woman really look in the mirror at herself naked and say "Damn Girl!  You look good!" Or do most women nitpick about the various points of flab dispersed across their body; examining and ridiculing each bit for its part in her overall dissatisfaction.  I suppose there are some women that belong to the first grouping, but let's face it..most of us fall smack in the middle of the second one. A range that extends to those that are only midly unsattisfied at this sight to those that are depressingly so.  I know that I do!  Despite my extensive hours at the gym each week and dieting - there are still often days that this visual is followed by "and this is as good as it's going to get."  So maybe the problem isn't that I am carrying around that extra poundage that keeps me out of the skinny bitch club, but that my body image is distorted from years of avid television watching and skinny magazine subscriptions. 

Think about it..look around, the average woman is packing on the same extra pounds that I am! (well, probably a little more than me..) 

Yet, I still actively seek that coveted club membership.