Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hopelessly Devoted

For three years, almost to the day, I wore a "wish" bracelet.  It was nothing more than a piece of pink ribbon [yes, pink. I know ::jaw ajar::] from Brazil with something that I could never translate in Portuguese written on one side, wrapped around my wrist twice.  See I was at a festival and it was part of a booth's theme [which was?] so I said "what they hey?" and than probably something that sounded like "it's free right??"  I'm not sure if I completely understood the concept, since my wishing on stars and the clock when it strikes hours like "1:11" and "5:55" hasn't [in present tense] really worked out so well for me; or if I assumed that it would just fall off in the next couple weeks and that would be that.  
Obviously, that didn't happen.

So I did what any recent, single, and arguably somewhat employed college graduate would do.  I made all 3 of my wishes on boys. 

I'm not sure what I wished for, so I can't be completely sure that since my bracelet fell off the other day at Ikea [Bollingbrook, not Schaumberg..p.s. total disappointment] they haven't come true - but baring a miracle that I am unaware of, I think that I can pretty much say with full confidence that the bracelet was a dud.

I had a brief glimmer of hope on the way home from Ikea when the phone rang and it was 1/3 of my hearts desire [quite possibly past tense].  However comma I'm sure I could have saved the gasp..since we already had plans for that night..

Until next time..keep wishing on stars [or other sparkly things] - they can't all be broken.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Men are from Venus..and Me? I'm from Detroit.

Men.  You can't live with them.  Well I think that is pretty much the platform for my campaign, but I guess it's always a subject that is open to interpretation.  Who would I be if not a willing participant in the world of trivial debates?  I believe that would make me an isolationist of sorts, and I much prefer existing in the universe as a social butterfly flitting between conversations.  Ready, able, and all for exerting my opinion when the situation deems it appropriate [and let's face it, quite often without an invitation].   

Now women.  We are no easy piece of dessert ourselves.  Subconsciously exerting an undeniable, and sometimes less than subtle, control over our environment.  A statement perhaps as confusing as "we are women, hear us roar" - an independent notion trapped in the throws of an animalistic nature that seems to transgress the bound of feminism. 

At least men are moreso blantant in their intentions. 

Some food for thought.  Brain food if you will.

Cell Phone Memories

Have you ever looked through an old cell phone?  Today, I had the genius idea to take the mini-memory card from my smart phone and retrieve the photos that have been stuck in my last phone for an exasperated period of time.  Of course, I couldn't help but be nosy and check around to see if I had managed to not erase my old text messages.  Keeping in mind this phone only held the previous 100 texts sent and received..and my extensive texting pleasure - the left overs were pretty random; conversations that had no start, no significant end, and no supporting details. 

There were brief mentions of events that I have long since forgotten I participated in and questions regarding information that I can't fathom why anyone would need to know.

Most importantly, I was shocked at the number of people that I still keep in regular contact with.  So even though I am left with an unsettling feeling of blankness, i'm comforted by the fact that I actually have hope that the other person can fill me in.

There were also some nice reminders of why I love certain people; i.e. a text from AME that said "it means the world to me" [although honestly I have not the first clue what he's talking about, i'm sure it was in response to something extraordinarily special that I contributed to our budding friendship (and today's his birthday, so if your reading this: Happy Birthday, Gazelle!)]. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trashy Linguistics

As a student of English and Communications, I've been submerged in the world of literature.  I find it strange when I reference books and someone mentions that they don't read or read very little, when I read all the time: books, magazines, blogs,, etc.  The more I read, the more I have come to the question of what defines the term "good book"? 

I find this to be a subjective term.  Everyone is different and therefore has a different perception of "good".  However, what is it about some books that may them so appealing to the mass audience as opposed to just a select niche market; and moreover, even novels read by popular audience can still have the capacity to be filed under the "trashy" column.  Is there even a way to quantify what books are "good"?

Romance novels, like Soap Operas, are comsumed regularly in popular culture but have historically and in present day been given a bad reputation, whereas books that make it on the New York Times Bestseller List are automatically pulled from obscurity to be considered "good".

I think a good book is one that you miss when you finish.  One that draws you in and makes you invested in the characters in the novel, like as if they're your friends.  Words that take on a life-like feel instead of two-dimensional ink marks on a page.  I've read a lot of books that someone else has considered to be a great work of art, and completely missed where the "art" started and the "boring" stopped.  I am even willing to admit, sometimes I even read books that are historically complemented just to be part of the conversation.  I want to be relevant in the discussion.   

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wanted: Wedding Date

My sister is getting married this coming November, and of course 2 months and counting I am still dateless.  Now I understand the argument that I date isn't completely necessary since i'm standing up in the wedding and I will be surrounded by family and friends..but I am still pretty set on being accompanied by a tall, tan, and handsome gentleman suitor.

I have narrowed down my list of qualifications to the following: 
1)  Must be charismatically charming
2)  Must be self-sufficient
3)  Must be able to induce conversations with little or no preperation
4)  Must possess a tan
5)  Must assume all responsibility for bringing the flask
6)  Must be willing to be embarrased and/or learn to dance the "Hora"
7)  Must be between the ages of 24-30
8)  Must enjoy large Jewish families i.e. women who complain a lot
9)  Must dable in the art of E.S.P.
10)Must not be afraid of the concept of "lack of personal space"
11)Must look beefy in a sleek suit in a very contemporary, rico-sauve like way
12)Must polish dress shoes
13)Must understand the concept "chivalry is not dead"
14)Must understand the general idea of "minority time"
15)Must hold a j-o-b, degree, deed to something

However, if I was placing a classified ad I imagine it to look more like this (since that list in print might be slightly out of my budget)

Pretty twenty-something lady seeks remarkably charismatic, self-reliant,age-appropriate (non male-cougar), intelligently employed and commonsensical gentleman candidate to accompany said pretty lady to sister's wedding; preferably one with a built in tan..must NOT be a bum,or anything that ends with an -ist, -ic, or -ish.  Fashionably, reliable("sexy") transportation encouraged(i.e. 2010 Chevy Camaro).          

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Another Dot Com Phenomenom or The Real Deal?

The current craze in innovative career paths all lead toward social media; but I have to wonder if social media is just another dot com phenomenon? 

A decade ago, Generation X was overcome with a dabilitating desire to establish an online basis.  So much so that the collapse of this short lived era left most of them scathed and unemployed.  Generation X had essentially become overcome by the very advances in technology that had driven them to overnight success in the first place.  The idea of technological based businesses becomes problematic when technology is evolving at such a fast rate that keeping up with it becomes a job in its own.

Social media is the newest wave of internet pop culture reaching its full potention; but how long before it, like all fads, begins to reach a plateau, eventually falling into a recession, and becoming a relic.  The concentration of social networking as a marketing tool has come to replace other historically effective techniques in order to attract a changing demographic in consumers, similiar to how the dot com companies brought a new sort of product to a welcoming audience. 

The constant need for change that has become a staple in American society results in a lack of modern tradition.  We know longer have certainties, and are often dictated by a world of constant miscalculations.

Take The Lead

As part of a required lit/comm seminar, I have been reading the insightful tale The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.  Although I more than likely would not have indulged in it if not required, I actually have enjoyed it [almost] completely.  As an extention of the reading itself, I have found myself an active participant in the conversation of "happiness." 

I have come to find out that I happen to been exponentially happier than the average person.  Perhaps, I should be the one writing the books on how to be happy that people rack up on their coffee table to induce personal satisfaction, all the while contributing to a billion dollar self-help inductry that exists - ranging from the books themselves to seminars and "life coaches" [a term I use loosely at best] and possibly past that.

What is happiness?  
The problem with happiness is that it doesn't wrap up into a cliched metaphorical box complete with a perfectly styled bow and magically poof into your life.  Happiness is an individualistic pursuit at best.  Often times, there are things that "generally" make people happy, but is there anything that makes everyone happy?  Even the simple idea of living generates opposition.

However, as an overly happy person [even considering that there are at least several times a day that I suck at life], I woud suggest that maybe happiness has nothing to do with any particular thing or action.  Maybe happiness is just being happy.  No rhyme or reason or excuse or external force.  Not the small things or the shiney things or cars that go really fact.  There is always going to be something to blame unhappiness on -poor economy, handicap, lack of opportunity, your mom, or in some cases a chemical imbalance..but interestly enough love is also considered to be a chemical imbalance - and it tends to make people happy [or insane] for the most part.

Your customizable happiness is available to you for the reasonable cost of $free.99 and can be self-installed at your convenience with small print on the "box" that reads "doesn't come with instructions."                 

Just be.