Thursday, September 9, 2010

Take The Lead

As part of a required lit/comm seminar, I have been reading the insightful tale The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.  Although I more than likely would not have indulged in it if not required, I actually have enjoyed it [almost] completely.  As an extention of the reading itself, I have found myself an active participant in the conversation of "happiness." 

I have come to find out that I happen to been exponentially happier than the average person.  Perhaps, I should be the one writing the books on how to be happy that people rack up on their coffee table to induce personal satisfaction, all the while contributing to a billion dollar self-help inductry that exists - ranging from the books themselves to seminars and "life coaches" [a term I use loosely at best] and possibly past that.

What is happiness?  
The problem with happiness is that it doesn't wrap up into a cliched metaphorical box complete with a perfectly styled bow and magically poof into your life.  Happiness is an individualistic pursuit at best.  Often times, there are things that "generally" make people happy, but is there anything that makes everyone happy?  Even the simple idea of living generates opposition.

However, as an overly happy person [even considering that there are at least several times a day that I suck at life], I woud suggest that maybe happiness has nothing to do with any particular thing or action.  Maybe happiness is just being happy.  No rhyme or reason or excuse or external force.  Not the small things or the shiney things or cars that go really fact.  There is always going to be something to blame unhappiness on -poor economy, handicap, lack of opportunity, your mom, or in some cases a chemical imbalance..but interestly enough love is also considered to be a chemical imbalance - and it tends to make people happy [or insane] for the most part.

Your customizable happiness is available to you for the reasonable cost of $free.99 and can be self-installed at your convenience with small print on the "box" that reads "doesn't come with instructions."                 

Just be.