Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cell Phone Memories

Have you ever looked through an old cell phone?  Today, I had the genius idea to take the mini-memory card from my smart phone and retrieve the photos that have been stuck in my last phone for an exasperated period of time.  Of course, I couldn't help but be nosy and check around to see if I had managed to not erase my old text messages.  Keeping in mind this phone only held the previous 100 texts sent and received..and my extensive texting pleasure - the left overs were pretty random; conversations that had no start, no significant end, and no supporting details. 

There were brief mentions of events that I have long since forgotten I participated in and questions regarding information that I can't fathom why anyone would need to know.

Most importantly, I was shocked at the number of people that I still keep in regular contact with.  So even though I am left with an unsettling feeling of blankness, i'm comforted by the fact that I actually have hope that the other person can fill me in.

There were also some nice reminders of why I love certain people; i.e. a text from AME that said "it means the world to me" [although honestly I have not the first clue what he's talking about, i'm sure it was in response to something extraordinarily special that I contributed to our budding friendship (and today's his birthday, so if your reading this: Happy Birthday, Gazelle!)].