Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Another Dot Com Phenomenom or The Real Deal?

The current craze in innovative career paths all lead toward social media; but I have to wonder if social media is just another dot com phenomenon? 

A decade ago, Generation X was overcome with a dabilitating desire to establish an online basis.  So much so that the collapse of this short lived era left most of them scathed and unemployed.  Generation X had essentially become overcome by the very advances in technology that had driven them to overnight success in the first place.  The idea of technological based businesses becomes problematic when technology is evolving at such a fast rate that keeping up with it becomes a job in its own.

Social media is the newest wave of internet pop culture reaching its full potention; but how long before it, like all fads, begins to reach a plateau, eventually falling into a recession, and becoming a relic.  The concentration of social networking as a marketing tool has come to replace other historically effective techniques in order to attract a changing demographic in consumers, similiar to how the dot com companies brought a new sort of product to a welcoming audience. 

The constant need for change that has become a staple in American society results in a lack of modern tradition.  We know longer have certainties, and are often dictated by a world of constant miscalculations.