Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 85 - Barely Holding On

It's April and I'm in the home stretch of my 5 month shopping ban.  Only one more month to go, and I've only used one freebie (out of 3).  I must admit I hit a wall the other day and virtually almost went off the deep end.  I was once again forced into the shopping sphere to purchase a stunning gift for a good friend, when I was bombarded with such a selection that I literally had to leave the store. 

The change in season has really got me on the shopping urge thinking about all the lovely new Spring trends available.  Now I know, you may be thinking, seriously chica wtf?  It's only clothes.  But in case you are unaware, for many women (and some men) shopping is a hobby, a zen-like experience, and without such my life has been slightly unbalanced.  In an effort to counter-balance and retain some sense of equilibrium, I have been entering a vast number of contests/giveaways - because let's face it, a package in the mail is a package in the mail.

Although, I can admit that shopping is not the end-all, be-all of living, doing things that one finds enjoyable is a crucial part of life.  Everyone has responsibilities, things we do because we have to or out of necessity (like work and grad school for me), but it's the other facets of life that make it worth it.

Keep on truckin', folks!