Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: POPSUGAR Must Have Box (May)

The PopSugar Must Have box has been kind of a hit or miss thing for me since I first signed up. Some months are absolutely great, while other months are clearly mediocre. The May box was definitely a hit in my book.
With the weather finally warming up (today was supposed to be 88 degrees in Chicago-land, what?), and everything went along with the theme of summer and having fun. I was really excited about the selection of items - especially the lunch bag and floppy hat (minus the super-flop).

I love the idea of PopSugar branded items. I wish they would do more with customized products like this. For the sake of variety, not everything can be a momento to PopSugar, but at least one personalized item per box even would go a long way for me. I think the brand is fun and flirty, and I definitely don't mind toting something with their logo along with me.

Speaking of, this month's branded item was the lunch tote - which is something that I am definitely toting around with me already (excuse the poor use of punning). It's simple and lightweight, and the perfect size for me to fill with my breakfast and lunch before I head off to work for the day. At least I'm convinced that's what it is supposed to be used for - there wasn't a description listed, so I'll count this as a bonus item.

Besides that gem, my box was filled with these lovely items (prices are what I found online):
  • beautyblender Set - $23.95
  • The Modern Cocktail Modern Margarita Set - $8.29
  • Questions I Ask When I want to Talk About Myself: 50 Topics to Share with Friends by Mindi Kaling - $13.45
  • Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint -$7
  • Charm & Chain Gift Card - $30
  • Way Better Snacks - $1
  • Kooringal – Giselle Mid Brim Hat - $27.99
Total - $111.68

Final Thoughts:
Since the box only costs $35, I definitely got my money's worth. Although, I've already tried the chips and they were a bit too spicy for my taste, so I'm going the write that off as a small loss. Other than that, I was thrilled with the things that came this month. I've always wanted a floppy-type hat, and the grey color is pretty perfect. The Margarita mixes will be thoroughly enjoyed ::crosses fingers:: also. I can't wait to have fun with the rest of the items!

Check out the items and descriptions below:

What did you think of the May PopSugar Must Have box?