Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Seventeenth Summer

This summer didn't bring love..but it did bring magic.  It brought to reality a more enlightened sense of self, and an astute awareness of reality.  I've always walked the line between realist and optimist; two separate entities constantly at battle with each other.  Until recently, when I discovered that these ideologies are in cohoots. 

My life hasn't dramatically changed, but maybe that's the point.  People put far too much pressure on summer to be a season of drastic transformation, what if it just is another time, another part of the journey?  I plunged through summer - open to new adventures, ready and willing and eager for something special to "appear" - it never showed up..but I never gave up.

Tomorrow a new set of challenges will begin; and my life won't be slowing down in the forseeable future.  Honestly, I've never been happier - single and surviving.  Loved.