Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaking Up is Hard to Do..

I have a friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend.  He's pretty bummed actually, and I feel bad because I was a proponent of him ending it.  Ultimately, he's known for a while that things weren't working out and he was unhappy in the relationship.  So why the extreme bummed out-ness?

Photobucket Well, duh.  Being alone is sometimes worse than being in a bad relationship, together.  It's odd how that works out.  The idea of being single seems pleasant, just as the idea of being in a relationship seems ideal from the outside - but the truth is, we want our cake and we want to devour it, all without caloric intake.  We are innately creatures that suffer from lack of boundaries.  When we have something, we aren't satisfied (at least the vast majority of the time), we want more, or different, or exactly what we have but can't and adamantly won't admit it.

So to my friend who may* or may not be reading this while he stumbles through his work day that is providing him only more agitation instead of the cheery distraction my text messages are, BUCK UP!  Someone else will inevitably come along and put a patch on your fractured heart.  People that care about you are all around and sometimes it takes moments like these for you to look up and see that fact.  You're not alone unless you want to be..so take advantage of this opportunity and put in more face time with the friends.  Call someone up for a movie & coffee date (male or female), go thrift store shopping for nick-knacks that you can never justify needing, or throw a potluck dinner party where everyone brings something to eat and something to serve as entertainment.  AND..you can look forward to my list of: "Things to do after a break-up!"     

*he most likely is, since I sent him a text message instructing him to do so..