Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who is Amanda Dreschler?

PhotobucketAmanda Dreschler.  Why would you know who that is?  Well, you probably wouldn't..yet.  One day I firmly believe that you'll hear that name and utter something that sounds a lot like "Oh yeah her, she was in that one movie, right? I liked her." And eventually becoming the subject of statements like "Did you see that movie?  It starred Amanda Dreschler.  She was great."  Until that time, I'll be content if someone that has never heard that name reads this post and takes something away from it that makes them smile, about her.

 If you haven't taken the hint, Amanda is an actress.  She's not unlike Twilight's Ashley Greene or a bevy of now well-known, twenty-something actors that were very recently struggling to make it in their craft.  Unlike some, however, Amanda is a trained actor.  She has a B.F.A. in theater and studied for several years at the world famous Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood.  Aside from working in front of a camera, she has done theater and opera over the years, is well-versed in dance, and has worked crew on several projects.


But all of this you can probably read on her IMDB page..

What about Amanda the person?

Amanda is funny.

She is really funny.


Besides that, she's very down to earth and easy to get along with.  The first time I met her, I have to admit, I was slightly intimidated; I mean she's gorgeous!  But it's not her looks that have endeared her to me, it's her personality and drive; she's humble.  Amanda loves what she does and that's something that makes a world of difference when you're working on an independent feature where the benefits are really what you make them to be.  She is a pleasure to be around (even when she's risking her own safety with her unnatural clumsiness).

Check out Amanda's "What's Up?" interview at Doobious.org for examples!       

*Images taken by Jonathan Owens of Chameleon Red Photography, an amazing talent in his own right.