Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Misunderstanding of Fireworks

I must admit that I've never understood the appeal of fireworks.  I can see why they were conflated with the idea of freedom historically, but they have since become controlled expressions of this once unpremeditated show of organized chaos.  They are no longer confined to simply the 4th of July, America's Independence Day, but instead keep me up on most warm nights as the neighborhood kids feel the need to show off their personal independence on a daily basis (I also blame Indiana's "loose" laws on the sale of fireworks to minors for the disruption in my beauty rest).

Seriously, bright light, lots of noise..if I wanted to incorporate those things into my everyday routine I would have chosen a more urban environment to call home [no offense city dwellers, that was once me].  

On the plus side, it did  provide PETA with the opportunity to send me a text letting me know that fireworks, although fun, often frighten animals - in case the sight of Fat Kitty hiding behind the bathroom door didn't alert me to that fact already.

**Check Out Doobious.Org for an otherwise lovely photograph capturing fireworks that at least look pretty.