Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Person of the Moment: Albert Escobedo

PhotobucketI've known Albert Escobedo since before I knew Albert Escobedo.  So I will start with, my dear friend Albert Escobedo is a talented comedian and I am in fact biased to this opinion*.

*Side Note: my opinion may or may not be valid from this point on, but keep reading..

As you may be aware, there are a lot of talented, funny people out there.  Albert may not be the funniest of them all (he may be, but I'm not comfortable extending into fact-land like that), but he is talented with his tongue.  No ladies (and gentlemen), please remove your minds from the side of the road, I am not referring to anything sexually explicit.  He has a talent for witty repertoire.  Besides adding a slice of comedy to every conversation, Albert can wax philosophical with the best of them (the universal "them," of course).  He is open to new experiences and soaks them up, very much like a sponge (perhaps a slightly dirty one at that).  Which is how Albert ended up where he is now.  After soaking up all there is in his Northwest Indiana hometown, this veterinary technician (didn't see that one coming, huh?) exerted himself a little farther than average, and found himself in South Korea.

PhotobucketNearly two years ago, Albert uprooted himself from his super tight family and challenged himself to live outside the box in small town Korea where he began teaching English, and even more surprising, to young children.  But Albert didn't let this change of location deter him from his real dream of entertaining the masses (or anyone really, which is probably more realistic).  Featured recently in  the popular NEH magazine, this "wiseguy" has found his niche organizing American-style comedy shows in Seoul, where he's been living for the past year.

Far from home, Albert often incorporates jokes or commentary that tie him back to his Chicago-land roots and Mexican heritage, bringing a piece of home with him every time he takes the stage. 

Scheduled originally to return to the U.S. in just two weeks, Albert, who is always up for a change-in-plans, was offered an exciting new job opportunity.  New job, new place to live, new adventure.  One guess what he chose.  South Korea is lucky to have this charming fellow for another year.

You can check out Albert's new blog, Life is Funny and spend some time exploring his perspective.

Albert Escobedo- Virtual Ilsanity from Rip City to Seoul on Vimeo.