Thursday, May 19, 2011

Run Fat Boy, Run!

It has come to my attention the utter hypocrisy that exists within the American educational system.

Running in the halls!

The news is constantly focused on the rise in child obesity, yet we tell children not to run in the halls.  Perhaps if we encouraged more physical activity, especially during time periods where they don't have the option of slug bugging it and indulging in the television (or the "idiot box" as my mother unwittingly calls it) children wouldn't be so fat.  Yes, I said it, F-A-T fat!  There are too many chunky monkeys walking around elementary schools these days, and let's face it, chunky monkey-ness is only cute for a limited time.

We need to seize every available opportunity to get our future leaders hearts racing, blood pumping!

Therefore, I am a strong supporter of running in the hallways (even allowing them to walk briskly would quench my thirst)..UNLESS there shoes are untied, and in that case they should step into a doorway as to avoid being run over like the father did in The Lion King during the stampede (that part still makes me cry).

**Side Note: Despite the title, this is a gender neutral commentary**