Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grey Skies

I'm feeling particularly disinterested in being productive today, even though my to-do list is quite extensive.  Perhaps its the unpredictable and very loud weather conditions that we've been having.  Nothing makes me feel more like being a slug bug than the rain.  In fact, in my undergrad years, rain was the top reason on my long list of reasons not to go to classes (so as you can probably imagine those weren't the most productive academic years of my life).  There's nothing I like more than to cuddle up with an imposter fleece throw, pop a DVD in or grab a good book, and waste the day away (preferably with ice cream and/or vino).

I'm sure I am not the only person that feels this way.  At least I hope not..  

So if you're sitting around waiting for the sun to return, unproductively so, like moi.  You might be interested in reading The SAB.  Its the new(est) blog by actor Stephen Amell (Vampire Diaries, Hung).  I find his writing style very engaging and his sarcasm welcoming.  If you're a fan of my blog, most likely he is your cup of tea as well.  So do yourself a fun favor a check it out, again it's: The SAB