Thursday, March 24, 2011

Applying a Notion

I just read the line "Why don't we just spell the word raspberry like razberry?" in a reply e-mail.  I'm pretty sure it's a good sign. 

This semester (as you may already be aware, and if not, you are now) I have been forced into taking the course "History of the English Language," which is less of a history lesson and more of a lesson in learning a new language with strange symbols and hard to pronounce vocabulary words. 

How does this relate to that sentence? ::taps foot::

Well lucky for you, I will now indulge you in a things-you-never-knew-and-will-probably-never-need-to lesson.  The word "razberry" is actually eye dialect.  I'd like to follow that up with an explanation, but unfortunately I haven't retained that information yet (which again, is lucky for you because my guess is that this is where you stop reading). 

Tada!  It's like a magic trick -- until next time.