Sunday, March 6, 2011

56 Mix

Day 56..

Borders bookstore is going out of business and I desperately want to shop for some half off retail price books.  Although, books might not seem to fit in with the whole essence of a shopping hiatus - there is a plentiful amount of the sitting unread on the bookshelf.  Many of which are ARC's and therefore cost me nothing.  If you are unaware of what an ARC is, they are Advanced Reader Copies, and I manage to be on the right internet sites at the right time and have had the pleasure of being rewarded with several.  I love to read, but until I finish the ones sitting in wait I have to argue that it goes against the intent of my giving up shopping.  I am not going to learn the value of the dollar (and more selfishly save up for a brand new car!) if I give myself loopholes.