Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 5-0

I've made it 50 days without purchasing anything apparel or beauty related (with the exception of my first month's freebie).

How does it feel?

Well, right now after spending the last month or so seeing the flutter of award show images of girls in pretty dresses take over the internet (and my Twitter-feed)..It feels pretty shitty.

I've never considered myself a slave to fashion, but shopping is so much more than that for me.  It's the most convenient way to relieve stress and put a smile of my face.  I used to reward myself for going to class by picking up a lovely gift on the way to the last class of the week.  This got me through the first semester of grad school (and is something I credit for my perfect attendance in this round of schooling).  Ironic since if I had attended the majority of my undergrad classes, I might not have needed to go back and further my education - but hindsight is 20/20. 

The idea of finding a "sponsor" for this non-shopping endeavor seems to be taking up constant attention in my frontal lobe (or maybe whatever lobe is responsible for such thoughts).  I wonder if a magazine editor would take pity on my quest and trade clothes for reviews?  The more I contemplate the idea, the more I think it's a perfectly reasonable request. 

It looks like this hiatus may be extended, my car is making a squeak and I'm foreseeing a new car in the nearer future..Oh lovely pieces o' clothes and fashionable footwear - you may have to wait a bit longer to find your way home to my closet ::tears::