Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Out, Brooklyn

I've always liked the idea of a relaxing vacation, but in reality I am a restless soul.  I get bored easily.  By Day 1 1/2, I am ready to rejoin the real world..or at least do something productive.  I know that getting a tan may seem like a productive use of time, however, I've never been one to just want to lay on beach for endless days doing diddly squat.  There was a summer in college where I spent at least an hour at the pool almost every day soaking up those harmful UV rays, and being that tan made me enormously happy.  But the reality is that most of those days I had to force myself not to get up and go as I mentally ran through my list of "Things To Do.." that was sitting on the kitchen counter.

On the other hand, I fully support the concept of procrastination.  I strongly believe that a healthy amount of procrastinating in one's life is perfectly acceptable.  It is those moments of relaxation that I get the most out of.  It is also in that time that I google search for more contests to enter, which #winning makes me sublimely happy [winning like in actual winning, not in Charlie Sheen's sense of the word, which equates to losing].