Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Feeling blue?

Go to the gym.

It won't really change anything in your life per say, but it's something to do with your time.  Leave your worries and your cell phone in the car; they will (probably) still be there waiting when you get back.  Set your iPod to shuffle and crank up the tunes so you can't hear your own thoughts. Let the smooth melody of Eminem's lyrical flow drown out your potential misery.

The best thing about the gym? 

No one talks to you.  Well, that's not entirely true - spend enough time there and everyone knows your life story.  But in general, headphones in, determined face on, no one bothers you.  If you have the unfortunate predicament of running into someone you know, you can easily deny them admittance to your thought process by pointing dramatically to your headphones and mouthing "sorry, this is my jam!" convincingly.

*Sidenote: The gym is pretty much the only time I allow myself to be separated from my cell phone; it's sad, but true. I sleep with my phone.  I possibly would risk taking it in the shower if I had insurance on it. My phone never enters the gym doors.  

**The gym also works wonders when you're angry, over-caffeinated, stressed, highly motivated, or just unwinding from spending a day as crowd control for 50 5-6 yr old boys on their first day of Kindergarten.

*Sidenote 2: I usually spend 5 minutes sitting in my car after working out answering text messages.  A watched phone never rings, but leave it in the car..magic.    

Day 2 back at the gym..I hurt. Everywhere.  But I love it!