Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Altered Spotlight Shines on Steve Greer

Tonight we shine a spotlight on a very special member of the Altered crew, a young fellow by the name of Steven K. Greer (key grip).  And when I say young, I use that term loosely to describe his personality and not in fact his age.  But hey ::shrugs and cocks head to the right:: age is only a number, right?

Steve showed his chutzpa this week by taking one for the team and walking into a nail hidden delicately among the building code violation that passes for a ceiling, of an abandoned church in Gary, Indiana.  It is his bravery in locating aforementioned nail with his own head that saved the other members of the crew from meeting a similar fate.  Therefore, Steve is the first member of the Altered crew to be featured on his very own spotlight post.

Side Note: Let's not forget the equally selfless contribution of Chris Sailor and his ass sculpting suit of non-stretch polyblend [see: Behind the Scenes of Altered: Take II], please take a moment to reflect ::pause::

PhotobucketOn the plus side, Steve maintained his good humor throughout the day.  Take this photo of him at Home Depot later that afternoon as proof.

PhotobucketFurthermore, this brave little soldier endured the agony of a tetanus (or "tit-i-nus" as unanimously voted on by the Altered crew under the digression of Jonathan Owens) with only the company of Jonathan Owens.  Luckily for Steve, this sorrow turned to sunshine when the "doctor" (and I use that word loosely as well because I'm pretty sure it was a nurse practitioner..) rewarded him with his very own keepsake Dora sticker or more appropriately consoling "memorabilia".

*There was no way for anyone involved in production to be aware of this wayward nail.  It was purely coincidence that Steve came across this unsecured risk.  The location is constantly the victim of scrappers and other camera crews that may or may not remove/move items with little regard for those that visit the site after which.   Even though every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of all crew members, it is always possible for an accident to occur.