Saturday, June 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Altered: Take II

Thursday was an epic day on the set of The Altered Movie.  The crew arrived bright and early on the streets of Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood, shooting mostly under the EL-Blue Line stop, on the corner of Damon and North Ave.

**side note: I can't take any responsibility for the bright and early part, for I was somewhere else equally bright and early molding the minds of America. I arrived fashionably late on the flip side around dusk.

We had some great actors and extras who spent their day and night shooting scenes, even a dedicated 14 year-old who I'm sure was up long past his bedtime.  Scenes included an awesome fight sequence and the  dialogue leading up to it; we also erected a crime scene complete with flashing lights and caution tape that most of the crew made appearances on-camera during (look for my 11.2 second role as a bystander/gawker).

The highlight of the crime scene would definitely have to be the cameo made by our esteemed audio engineer himself, Chris Sailor, who donned a ultra-tailored (for someone else) CSI wardrobe.  I have to mention that he rocked that male cat suit like no one else could have, and having to get down on my knees in that dirty alley way to tie his shoes was a small price to pay for that everlasting memory.

In a team effort, Best Boy, Ace Harney, and Key Grip, Steven K. Greer took the time to teach me the important art of slating (which goes something like "Scene 39Camaro, Take 1, mark").  It is actually much more nerve racking then one might expect.   

Filming wrapped just before 1 a.m. To perk up the crew at this late hour, we enjoyed some tacos from the walk-up only joint around the corner from set.   Team building is quickly becoming some of my favorite set moments.  Due to their refusal to make me a chicken taco, I was forced to try a fish was tangy and zesty at the same time.  Good work Mexican Taco Stand, Good work.      


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