Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Altered Spotlight Shines on Dan Slemons

There was no easy choice for today's Altered spotlight superstar (mostly because everyone that spent the day working on the skeleton crew has already been featured), so the honor goes to the always deserving and praiseworthy. Director of Photography Dan Slemons. 

Dan (and our beloved CSI investigator Chris Sailor) braved morning traffic to get to set in Chicago, only to find out that the park was closed due to an unexpected (early) set-up for the Taste of Chicago. But, no traffic, no location mishap, no rain could stop this dynamic picture/sound duo from persevering.  And, we do reward and appreciate effort, so both boys were given the opportunity to rest up this afternoon.

Dan inched above Chris in the race for spotlight sweetheart when he was the unlucky one to be awoken by the sound of the door chime, and me entering the crew house.  Chris unknowingly woke up just in time to be an active bystander in the cookie-making process. Cookies? Yes, cookies. After I arrived to the crew house fashionably late, Dan took it upon himself to put me to work, and I distracted him (after we ran all of the errands) with the idea of baking cookies (which turned out excellent in their ooey gooey goodness by the way). Dan selflessly endured errands in order to be a contributing member of the team while the remaining posse members Ace Harney, Steve Greer, and Jonathan Owens (yesterday's spotlight savant) set up the epic police lair location across town.

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