Monday, June 27, 2011

The Altered Spotlight Shines on Jessica 'Imoto' Harney

PhotobucketBehind every good man, is a great woman.  This great woman is Jessica 'Imoto' Harney.  She is our fabulously amazing Assistant Director and the glue that holds us all together.  The spotlight really shines on her every day, but today especially.  She spent the last two nights holed up in a tent with Director Kely McClung and protector Mookie Harney in order to safe guard our props, still located at the epic abandoned church, merely feet away from her warm bed.  Why is this exceptional?  Well, it means that we didn't have to do a total break down every night, which means we got off set slightly earlier, which means we had more time for "team building," which means ummm..nothing I'm authorized to disclose.

PhotobucketImoto is a rockstar.  She goes full-speed until she crashes and then after a brief nap, gets right back up and takes off running.  There is nothing (most likely) that will stop her from pursuing her art, in fact the concept of "Carpe Diem" may have been created with her in mind.  She brought together an awesome crew to work on this film and it is sure to look great under her camera direction.


So here's to you Imotoson, the spotlight shines brightly in your direction (and is not limited to any single day, but every day).    

Check Imoto out at Captain Crazy Productions, Inc. and make sure to follow her on Twitter!