Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Matter of Perception: On the set with "Altered"

Yesterday, was my first day on set of Altered: The Movie directed by Kely McClung and produced by Imoto Harney.  Altered is a vision penned by McClung himself, starring Rob Pralgo ("Vampire Diaries"), Stan Harrington, and Amanda Dreschler; McClung also plays a lead role.

This is my first attempt at production assistantshipping and I think it's too early to tell if it's a success or flop on my part.  Most of the time, honestly, I just felt like a was kind of in the way and desperately tried to stay out of the shot (hopefully that works itself out). BUT, I am having a ball being part of the process.

On the plus side, independent films are a great way to get some perspective on the industry.  And, selfishly enough, I'm hoping that this behind-the-scenes peek will give my writing a bit more pizazz.  Before cameras rolled and the hectic got crazy, I had the chance to sit down and interview Imoto and Kely for a project of my own. It was great to hear a little bit of their back stories.  I think they're going to translate into print just perfectly.

Side note: the crew is all entirely, awesomely fun and talented. I'm really looking forward to spending more time with them all and soaking up the experience!