Friday, December 9, 2011

Weight Loss and Cherry Jubilee

It's an odd feeling when your favorite jeans no longer hug your curves the same way they always have.  In my case, it's a mix of triumph and defeat. 


Well, duh!  I've logged what seems like an unbelievable amount of hours on excercise machines that make you feel like you're not going anywhere.  I've suffered through countless training sessions that I prayed would end before they began.  Anyone who has ever had a trainer (well a good one) can commiserate with me on this.  I have an amazing trainer who has volunteered her time to help me on this crazy workout, weight-loss adventure - BUT, free sessions = serious pain.  I have to earn every minute of her time, and that comes with lots of silent prayers.  I've also had to give up some of the simple joys in life, like overindulging on sour patch kids and goldfish ::tears::


Whoa, why would I feel defeated? sayonara fat, hello a perfect excuse for a wardrobe makeover!  Well, like I said, my favorite jeans don't fit very well anymore.  That may be a little thing, but when staples in your wardrobe stop working for you, it's seriously stressful.  My goal was to lose around 30 pounds.  It's not that I was an oompa-loompa to start with, but I'm going through a change-everything-about-me-phase and it seemed like a good round number.  I'm only halfway there (sometimes more, but one latte too many and I'm back to half) and I don't want to invest in new clothes when I don't plan to stay at this weight.  So, even though I'm super stoked to be losing the weight, my everyday clothes that no longer fit make me feel sort of ucky.

For now, leggings are my best friend..