Sunday, December 4, 2011

Worth Movie Theater Prices: The Descendants

Lately, I've been concerned with the lack of Blockbuster films that have rocked my socks.  I find myself falling into the "that was ok" rut when leaving the movie theater.  Considering the outrageous prices that movie theaters themselves are charging these days (costs that I supplement with Fandango gift cards, free passes, and movie screenings) - due to inflation based on economic hardships caused by whatever the latest means of illegally obtaining films - I feel that movies should be more than "just ok."

I want to walk out of a movie and say "wow, that was excellent" or "that just blew my mind."  Even the latest installment of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 didn't do it for me, and I am a huge Twilight fan.  Although my movie viewing time as of late has been lackluster because of other more pressing responsibilities, the time I do spend enjoying a film has been less than stellar - until this past Friday evening.

I was extremely impressed by The Descendants starring George Clooney.  I found it to be a powerfully simple story of responsibility in the light of tragedy and the bond of family.  Clooney plays a father struggling to understand what he's overlooked in life after his wife is in a boating accident that leaves her in a permanent coma.  As he tries to let go, while caring for his two daughters, both of whom have problems of their own aside from the most recent, he learns a lot about the person he really is and who he wants to be.  The director and crew did a great job of bringing this story to life.  It was touching without being overly dramatic.

On a side note, seeing Clooney as a father gave me a new appreciation for his acting range.  I'm so used to him playing the silver fox with a lovely waiting in the wings lately that this role seems almost foreign for him - and I loved it!  Also, the film starred Shailene Woodley as one of the daughters.  If this role is any indication, Woodley has a bright future ahead of her.  I look forward to seeing where her career goes from here.