Monday, July 16, 2012

"The Devil Came Down To Georgia"

This post might sound a bit "Dear Diary-ish" so hold on a moment, I'm sure I'll come to a point.
I've been in Atlanta for a little over a week now and even though technically I'm down here for work [see: Magic The Gathering The Musical HERE or HERE] I've had some time to catch up with some of my favorite Atlanta film people - off set.

It is absolutely tremendous the amount of talent in this city.

I have to admit it's a little weird knowing such a growing number of people in a city that until a year ago today, I'd never even been to (with the exception of the airport which I visited once years ago on the way to London). My week was pretty packed and although it would have been nice to just take it easy, there's no immediate plan to come back south.

Tuesday I went to Georgia State University for a break back into reality - Praxis II. My emergency permit expired at the end of June and it was time to commit with an actual license. I passed. I passed with a pretty great score actually.

My goal was to see things in Atlanta that I've never had a chance to experience. Although I still have some favorites from my past trips, like The Independent and The Highlander (order the Caprese Panini - you won't be disappointed), it's nice to see a different side of the city [read as: metropolitan Atlanta-area]. The laser/light show at Stone Mountain National Park is neat. It's also a cheap way to spend an evening, $10 per car. I discovered there's not really much down in Covington when all the vampires are away at Comic-Con. North of the city is exceptionally beautiful, but there's something to be said for the natural beauty of the area no matter where you are.

This weekend was mostly dedicated to a heavier workload of production duties. I mostly always have a good time on set and given the humidity outside that neither my hair nor skin is enjoying very much, it works out great that we're shooting on stage.

Who knows what this week holds? Puppet building, screening a film, kids theater camp, taking stills, strip club for retirees (no joke), crock pot tacos, thrifting, and I'm sure more unplanned surprises.

What are some must see's in Atlanta?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"I'm going back down south now"

Even though I've always been a girl looking for an adventure, I've never been one to do it away from home for long periods of time. That's not to say that I don't enjoy traveling. It happens to be one of my favorite things to do - exploring new places, getting away from the monotony of everyday life, falling in love with a new city/country/continent! However, the comfort of home always seems to beat out the allure of my destination - regardless of how beautiful/historic/relaxing the locale happens to be.  

My parents did everything right when I was a child. They forced me to go away to camp even though half way through I would have a mini-meltdown and want to come home. Which now seems like it should have been a warning sign for a very similar mid-semester meltdown my freshman year of undergrad. We were always to family taking vacations. My parents would pack up the super cool (not) mini-van, strap all four kids in, and drive all night to location unknown. I always preferred if that location involved a beach, but my father is particularly into history and unfortunately not all history occurred on a beach.

Now, here I am, 26 years old and 3 days from embarking on my longest to-date trip. If it was somewhere I'd never been to before, I'm sure there would be a substantial amount of additional stress added to my already overwhelmed personality, but this is actually the fourth time I've traveled there this year.

Where is there? Atlanta, Georgia.

I'm heading down to Atlanta for most of the month of July to work on a short film project ( directed by the naturally talented Molly Coffee.

You may remember that I suffer from significant packing anxiety and as you can imagine packing for an extended amount of time when events are highly up in the air (along with things I need for production) will probably be a clusterf*ck. Despite that issue, I'm still fairly thrilled to be going. Who doesn't want to get away for a few weeks?

Stay tuned for the misadventures of a hoity Yankee b*tch in the south - coming soon!