Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To Judge or Be Judged

Today was Day 2 of my trainer-induced diet, and it occured to me as I fought the pangs of hunger and the craving of anything chocolate (btw - I don't even really like chocolate) that it is irrevocably (thanks, Twilight) impossible to escape judgement. It occured to me that skinny people are judged even harsher than the large-and-in-charge crowd, and in most cases unfairly. Yes, some people are naturally stick-like, but often times the quest to keep your slimness is a road paved with broken shards of glass. If you are not blessed with the most awesomest of fat free genes, maintaining a healthy weight and equally flattering appearance is A LOT of work - hours of sweaty gym workouts (cardio/strength training), forgoing that second helping, ignoring the candy aisle, stocking up on vitamins, etc. Some of the lucky few begin the maintaining process earlier, therefore cutting down on the amount of time dedicated to this endeavor; but unfortunately before most people change their lifestyle they reach a personal "too fat" point which requires a hardy time investment to reverse. I have to admit that i've always been more than slightly jealous of my skinnier amigos, but if I had any idea the amount of effort it takes for some of them to look like that - I probably would have admired them a little more for their motivation and determination instead of their lack of bulge.

So next time you cross paths with one of "those" people..remember it's hard work to look like it's not hard work - and possibly, maybe, I don't know, head to your nearest Jamba Juice for a protein shake (just a suggestion).

Monday, September 14, 2009

Douche de Celeb

And the winner of Douchebag of 09 award goes to ::drum roll:: KANYE WEST!