Friday, November 18, 2011

Altered Wraps Up Another Successful Round of Filming

Last week, Altered wrapped on an exciting third round of filming in Gary, Indiana /Chicago. This time only utilizing a micro-crew, several members of the original crew were joined by new talent. The Atlanta based production crew made up of Dan Slemons (Gaffer/Key Grip) and Ace Harney (Sound Technician) brought along the incredibly skillful Molly Coffee (Art Director) and Kevin McKnight (Script Supervisor/Grip). Molly was also the set dresser for round two of filming in Atlanta . Her incredible vision and tenacity has been an asset to production, and continues to stun everyone around her. Kevin, brilliant in his own right, brought a calm infusion of hard work and persistence to set that on extensively long days everyone can appreciate.

(Molly Coffee)

(Kevin McKnight)

Long days and cold nights didn’t stop the Altered crew from taking care of business. Under the direction of our epic director Kely McClung and amazing AD/DP Jessica Imoto Harney, we captured some great scenes and added a boatload of footage to the archives.

An incredible cast came out to be part of filming, staples such as Rob Pralgo (Vampire Diaries), Amanda Dreschler (Creed), and Keith Brooks were joined by Atlanta-based actors Angele Masters, Nicholas Wolfe, and Jon Chaffin. Special props go out to Angele who endeared more than her share of the cold for the cause.

(Angele Masters)

(Left to Right: Nicholas Wolfe, Jon Chaffin)

We were also in the great company of Zee Gustafson, an awesome FX make-up artist that transformed some hotties into zombies for our production.  She was a pleasure to work with and definitely fun to have on set.

(Left to Right: Stephanie, Molly Pan, Rachael Sanchez) 

A huge production night was shot with the collaboration with Nassau Chainsaw DisGraceLand Demolition Committee - a heavy metal suspension crew out of Brooklyn, NY that was game for anything we could pull off!  Members of this crew were willing to go the extra mile to make the scene look epic!  

The last night on set was one of the highlights, we shot pick-ups in Chicago's hip Wicker Park under the Damen EL train station*.  Even though the wardrobe was skimpy - gangsta's don't like to layer it on in the summer months we were recreating - the guys were all in great spirits.  These fine actors came out again to share in the Altered experience and the footage is amazing!  Special thanks to Chicago based actors Abel Castro, Jordan Dillon, Will Cochran, Yancy Jones, Ivan Ellis, and Glenn Stanton!
The images that were captured on set are only a small tribute to the non-stop contribution of cast and crew. If the 20 minutes or so of edited scenes thus far are any indication, the finished product will definitely look amazing!

McClung estimates that after this round was completed, he has between 85% - 90% of the filming done. To finish the project, McClung plans to film scenes in Los Angeles , New York , Atlanta , and back to Gary one more time.

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*If you're in the Wicker Park area, check out the delicous coffee at a cozy local joint, Wormhole Coffee - order the homemade Vanilla bean, you won't be disappointed!

All photos courtesy of our friends at Doobious.Org and Captain Crazy Productions, INC!