Friday, December 3, 2010

13 Stars

Sooooo ::rolls eyes up to the left::  It's been a while ::insert creepy smile complete with eyebrow lifts::

I've been off experiencing what is commonly known as "writers block" dunt dunt du ::gasp:: being inaccessible in the blogosphere [but still tweeting my random thoughts in smaller doses - follow me @ellaBronx..]  this phenomenom has made me think - what would a missing poster on the side of a milk carton look like for someone missing in cyberspace?

Psuedo name: Ellesperling
Height:  Her profile picture is pretty small so possibly a midget sized torso
Weight:  If the camera adds 10 pounds, possibly slender
Hair Color:  Dark Brown - unless she dyes it, then possibly any color
Defining Features: Based on her blog -snarkey attitude, chronic sarcasm, regular gasping, AND eternal sunshine ("glow")
Last Seen: Never
Last Wearing: Uknown
Reward:  Not Offered
If found, please return to

Enticing, I'm sure.