Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I've been refreshing my blogger for the past 5 minutes trying to load the stats for my blog (i.e. views, blah, blah, etc.)  and it occured to me that maybe this is a response to my lack of recent posts.  Perhaps, blogger has set consequences for being too lazy to blog?  Or I guess this could just mean the server is running amuck?  Although, if the first is the reason, I would be forced to retort that lazy I have not been.  Swamped might be a better term - to swamped to be creative enough to be witty..or bitter. 

A year ago some poor smuck in the admissions office had the poor luck to receive my application to grad school - inspiring essay, great work experience, awesome extracurricular undergrad activites..not so hot g.p.a. is putting it mildly  yet this unlucky himshe stamped yes on the front of the folder 'ACCEPTED' and then I imagine cringed.  I picture himshe holding that folder in their hands and repreating the phrase "holy shit, holy shit - please don't let this girl fuck this up".  

Well it's been a year and that himshe deserves a raise.