Sunday, September 18, 2011

Support The Arts: 'Good Grief Suicide Hotline'

Another opportunity to support the arts, by way of independent feature films, has come to my attention.

Why should you support independent feature films?  
Independent films are the backbone of the movie industry.  They allow up and coming filmmakers to make a mark in the community, show their talent, and build their resume.  Some of the biggest name directors got their start this way; it gave them an opportunity to showcase their work and get noticed.  The independent film community in many areas are tight-knit, full of dedicated, hardworking, and talented individuals working for little or no money.  Independent films are comprised of brilliant collaborating talents that truly love what they do. [taken directly from: Support the Arts: Perception]

Good Grief Suicide Hotline is an independent feature, directed by Atlanta filmmaker, Sam Carter, currently in the pre-production stage.  Carter has developed a reputation for his hilarious, yet dark, puppet hi-jinx in shorts like Shadow Puppets and Beast of Burden

This dark comedy is about a recent college graduate that goes to work at a crisis call center only to find out that the people doling out the advice might be more damaged than the callers themselves.  When this wholesome new employee starts dating a caller, something that is more than just frowned upon, things only get more awkward.

StoneCarter Media is currently raising funds for the project, and you can help: Help make it happen for 'Good Grief Suicide Hotline' on IndiGoGo

Check out the teaser trailer and see what you can look forward to:

You can also follow the adventure on Facebook and Twitter @goodgriefsh!