Saturday, September 10, 2011

Support the Arts: Perception

Director Stan Harrington is currently working on his latest feature, Perception, and he needs your help to raise funds to complete the project.

There are some questions that may have crossed your mind in the 17 seconds it took you to read the opening line, and here are the answers.

Why should I donate to an independent feature film?  Independent films are the backbone of the movie industry.  They allow up and coming filmmakers to make a mark in the community, show their talent, and build their resume.  Some of the biggest name directors got their start this way; it gave them an opportunity to showcase their work and get noticed.  The independent film community in many areas are tight-knit, full of dedicated, hardworking, and talented individuals working for little or no money.  Independent films are comprised of brilliant collaborating talents that truly love what they do.

Who is Stan Harrington and why should I donate to his feature?  Stan Harrington (see previous post:
Who is Stan Harrington?) is as dedicated a filmmaker as they come.  He has literally put everything he has into his work and despite all of his hardships is still incredibly optimistic.  He relies on his talent to pull him through and it shows in each and every scene of his films.  Stan has pulled together an incredible cast for this film: Amanda Dreschler (Altered, Creed), Kely McClung (American Ninja IV, Blood Ties), Rob Pralgo (Vampire Diaries, The Blind Side, The Joneses), and many, many more passionate and amazing talents.

What is the movie about?  Here is the teaser for your viewing pleasure!

How much of an investment do I need to make?  You can donate any amount starting at only $1.  However, there are different levels if you  are looking to invest in a more noticeable way, but literally every dollar counts.  A mere $10 will get you a mention in the 'SPECIAL THANKS' section of the credits.

Where can I donate?  You can donate at IndieGoGo, a website dedicated to raising funds for independent projects.  The following link will take you directly to the Perception page: IndieGoGo - Perception Campaign