Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Generation Responds - Occupy America!

One of the biggest complaints that has been placed on Generation XYZ is that we are lazy. For years, we have been told that we have no sense of social commitment and are apathetic to the issues around us. With the recent Occupy Wall Street Movement expanding into a full blown Occupy America campaign, our generation has found our first real cause to get behind, standing up and shouting "We are the 99%!"

Across the United States, thousands of twenty-something activists have been joined in their fight for democracy. College students are camping out at parks and walking out of their universities to support a movement that they have made their own. The Internet has allowed us a new way to protest, and for years we have taken full advantage of it, supporting from a distance, behind a screen of anonymity, in our comfiest pj's- but the government has now awaken a sleeping giant. We have been pushed to the brink and are now responding in a very public way.