Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Fancy Box (February)

One of the nice things about being young, single, and fully employed is a somewhat disposable income. I've recently become addicted to monthly subscription boxes and one of my favorites is the Fancy Box.

When I first signed up there was only one box available and you could customize it by choosing from several categories to fill it with (Men's, Women's, Kids, Pets, Home, Gadgets, Media, Sports & Outdoors, Workspace). I chose women's, home, gadgets, and media. However, if workspace had been a choice at the beginning, I would have added that too.
The Fancy now offers some more creative options for its' boxes including a gourmet food box and what they call A+ boxes, which basically means it's been curated by a celebrity. The growing list of celebs include Ashton Kutcher, Pink, and Coco Rocha.

This is my third month getting the regular Fancy Box - but I did cave and order the Pink one which should come later this month (?) - and it is my favorite one so far!  

The box is basically filled with stuff that I would never buy because it's all sold at completely inflated prices, but for $30 a box (I think prices have went up since I originally signed up, due to popularity) I am loving the value. Each box comes with $80+ of fun products. Even if there's one thing that might not fit my personality, it's always a fun "just because" gift to give someone.

Everything in this box is something that I can use, and even a couple that I had a legit need for. The chord organizer is perfect for my messy desk and with the impending snow storm blowing into the Chicago-area as I type, I'm sure the scarf will come in handy. Plus, and this might sound odd, I don't own an ice cube tray.

I priced the items in my February Fancy Box and came up with ---

Hot Chocolate on a Stick by Popbar - $3
Cold Fish Ice Cube Tray by Gama-Go - $15
Homemade Cookie Stamper - $15
iHM63 Speaker by iHome - $25
Cordies - $15
Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf - $16

-- bringing the grand total to a whopping $89.

Check out Fancy Box and let me know what you think!