Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: Pink Fancy Box (February)

As I mentioned in my last Fancy Box review, I broke down and ordered one of the A+ Fancy Boxes curated by Pink. It seemed like a no brainer when I saw a $25 off promo code on my favorite subscription box review site - My Subscription Addiction.

No, it's not because I'm über cheap (hold all the Jew jokes) - I was hesitant before because I had already seen the overlap between the regular Fancy Box and the Ashton Kutcher curated box. Considering the stuff inside the boxes, although fun and sometimes useful, are altogether unnecessary bonuses - I didn't really want to pay for the same thing twice.

I had a good feeling and was dying (in a very non-literal sense obviously) to see how Pink'd out it was. Unfortunately, the box was a complete disappointment. Instead of the 5-6 items that I had come to expect, there were only 4 things in this box. This might have been fine, except that a) the box cost $9 more than my regular Fancy Box, and b) they were not that interesting or particularly useful.

Since I was home with what my assistant called the flu (I just called it a severe cold), the shirt was the most practical item in the box. It was really soft and fit perfectly. However, my t-shirt drawer is already overflowing and since I only wear them to bed or gym, has limited use. Also, the Ace bottle opener looked pretty cool - except I absolutely did not need another bottle opener. Now, if it was a corkscrew (like the fun parrot shaped one that came in my March PopSugar Must Have box) that would have been another story. 
When I first saw the cards (saw not read), I thought the third item was daisy-covered nylons which seemed like something I might wear given the right outfit - but, sadly no. Instead I found a set of crayons dubbed "body art paint." Although I tend to write important things on my hands from time to time, I don't usually doodle on myself. And then there was the "Atlas of Remote Islands," which frankly I just don't understand how that was even an option.
On top of the tangible items, there was also a "gift code" for $20 to use at It's a nice gesture, but I already checked and almost everything will cost you additional money once you add shipping and handling.
Nothing in this box was particularly interesting to me and they definitely didn't scream "Pink picked me special for you!" For the 21 dollars and change I paid, I can't complain too much - especially because I spent all 3 "flu" inflicted days enjoying the comfort of the vintage-soft shirt - but I did immediately cancel my subscription for the Pink Fancy Box. Better luck with Coco Rocha!
Item Breakdown:
  • Beautiful Tee - $24
  • Ace Bottle Opener - $20
  • Body Art Paint - $20
  • Atlas Of Remote Islands - $30
Total - $94
The value is great, too bad the products weren't something that appealed to me more.