Friday, May 3, 2013

Review: Fancy Box (April)

Two month's ago I tried to cancel my P!nk Fancy box after a lackluster first experience with the celeb curated box and since then things have only went down hill. I have been in a frenzy over the horrible experience with customer service over the last several weeks, and between the frustration and the lack of resolution, I almost forgot that I had a box on the way. Fortunately, this box was pretty snazzy and completely made me overlook what seems to be the ongoing issues they are clearly having keeping up with the growing demand for their service/product - at least for the moment.

This month's box contained some great products. I'm especially thrilled with the Bento box. I've always wanted one, and even though it wasn't exactly like the ones I had shopped around for in the past, it's definitely something that I will be using. I like to bring my lunch to work in an effort to save money - even though it doesn't always work out - and I've run into the problem of finding the right way to transport it several times. This item in particular is one of the best things I've seen come with the box. Usually I feel like several of the items are more gimmick than practical, however this box contained way more of the latter. It makes me feel a lot better about shelling out the money each month if the items are at least partially useful.

Another one of the items that will be really useful is the iPod armband. I spend a considerable amount of time at the gym - or as my schedule allows - and I've always wanted one of these. I bought one on Ebay once, and it wasn't the right size for my iPod touch, so I ended up donating it and never re-invested. Also, the USB hub, since I seem to have an endless supply of chords waiting for their turn to be plugged in.

Besides that, the Fancy box came with a stick-on LED light that you can use on your keys when it's
dark. I have a light right next to my doorway, so I don't know how helpful it would be for me personally, but I am looking to buy a house which might not be so nicely equipped. Plus, the box included two bottles of nail polish customized just for Fancy. Again, I don't know how much I need more nail polish since I have enough to last for pretty much ever, but I am a fan of it. And, I like that it was custom made for Fancy, and especially that the company doesn't test on animals.

All in all, I think it was a great haul. There was a nice mix of useful, practical products with items that were just for fun - and some that fit in both categories. My only complaint is that I paid the $39 for the box, instead of the $30 that I was locked in at because of a customer service mistake that they can't seem to correct. Even so, it was surely worth the extra money (that they keep saying I will be getting a refund for). Also, I liked that the box was green this month instead of the usual white!

Item Breakdown:

Black + Blum Bento Box - $23
Merkury Innovations Motion - $25
Thumb-Lite Stick-On LED - $15
Contort Flexible USB Hub - $25
Rainbow Honey Fancy Nail Lacquer - ?

Total - at least $88 (there was no price listed for the nail polish - best guess, between $15 and $20 for the 2 shades)

What did you think of April's Fancy box (which almost came in April)?