Friday, June 12, 2009

Homophobia..that's so gay!

The state of California has made the headlines as of late for something other than being broke..

Miss California has finally got the boot!

Although she believes that it is because of her personal views toward gay marriage, i'm not convinced. Being in the public eye is all about how you handle yourself under pressure. After her lame excuse for an appropriate response at the Miss USA pageant, she simply failed to carry herself in a manner that deemed her worthy of her "crown". This would have been a perfect time for her to save face by calling a press conference or some other type of press junket, and explaining that she was more than anything unprepared for the question and at that point re-answered the question in a more self-flattering way. At the same time, she could have made it a priority to apologize to anyone that may have been offended at her poor answer. Although she would have had to admit wrong doing on her part, she would have come out on top and ultimately appeared even somewhat humble. Instead, not only did she

I think this says a lot about our country and how far we have come, that an industry historically criticized for being all about appearance took an actual stand on poor behavior. It's a step in the right direction!